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Thursday, May 19, 2011

.83 cents just doesn't pay the bills

The sum total from my awesome blogging empire to date.
But it's all "Pennies from Heaven."
You wouldn't believe how much .83 cents can feel like. That is my current total for running ads on this blog. I saw another blogger refer to them as "pennies from heaven."

The crazy thing is, that blogger was right. This blog is something I want to write, so any income, no matter how pithy when waging war against a stack of pediatric bills, just seems like a Wall Street bonus to me.

I feel blessed that I can bring in any amount of support for my precious little family. Hopefully I can expand the influence of this blog beyond my circle of friends at some point and maybe even start to write books that entertain people (see this post for a crowd favorite) while giving them nuggets of wisdom in stories like this that force people to say "How sweet!"

The nice thing that is also the curse is that so many people are paying me to write for them. I have outlets clamoring for my time and talents that want to pay me to do it. So unfortunately, my own projects, which I consider more important, sometimes get sidelined while I get paid to work. Dang them for giving me money. If only people would stop giving me work so I could really work on what I want to work on. And in case the word "work" wasn't in that sentence enough, here it is again: work.

And here's a bit of parenting advice just because that's what I do here: give every ounce of attention to a sick child you possibly can. Those kids are in need of love so badly when they are puking their guts out. They are probably confused, scared and, if the amount of regurgitation is any indication, super hungry. My kids have been extremely sick over the past couple weeks, and I have found I have drawn closer to both of them as I've cared for them and rubbed their backs while they do their thing. Both my son and daughter have been more loving since they got sick, but I think it's reciprocal more than anything.

All I know is I'm glad they were sickest on the weekend, because otherwise I couldn't have used the argument against my wife that .83 cents was not enough to take them to the emergency room.

If you like what I do here, please share it with friends and family. Writing is what I excel at, but if no one reads it, it's hard to get myself to write it. I need to know people are enjoying what I do. Even if it does net me mere "pennies from heaven."


  1. i liked the 2nd to last paragraph- tied it all together w/ a bit of humor. and why do you think that writing is something at which you excel? i think your writing blows, y tus fotos de moonlight skateboarders, tambien.

  2. If I didn't know you better, Andy, I wouldn't let you get away with a comment like that...
    Glad you found the humor here. Have you read the post about shopping? I think that's my favorite to date to make me laugh.

  3. Aaron and I are reading it so you'd better keep writing just for us! You are hilarious. Thanks Mark. I'll do my best to share your words of wisdom.
    -Whitney and Aaron

  4. Hi Whitney,
    Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I wasn't threatening to quit, I just meant I have to work harder motivating myself is I fell like no one's reading it. In the end it's for me, which is why it gets done. Great journal if nothing else.
    Take care of those twins - they are the reward of Aaron's childhood.